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Competition PX 8000 Holley Air Filter

Competition PX 8000 Holley Air Filter

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Pipercross has provided the perfect breathing solution for all vehicles running any type of Holley 4-barrel carburetor. This ‘pancake’ style filter comes complete with an integral aluminum base plate for easy mounting to models of all years.

This smart looking filter contains several notable design features that offer benefits over many competitors, making it ideally suited for competition, drag or Hot rod street cars.

This filter has a vastly increased surface area over the traditional ‘capped’ designs, allowing significantly more air to get into the carb under wide throttle openings.

Designed to fit into all Holley 4-barrel units as a direct replacement for any existing filter, the Pipercross unit has been designed up to a desired quality, rather than down to a designated price. Flowing over 30% more air than the factory part, this beautifully made filter can make significant improvements in power, torque and driveability.

The unique multi-layered foam construction not only means a higher rate of flow, it also means that, compared to even the leading cotton-gauze replacements, Pipercross foam filters can go for up to three times longer before needing any servicing or cleaning.

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