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Competition PX 500 Air Filter

Competition PX 500 Air Filter

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The PX 500 Series is the high performance air filter for twin side draft carburetors and throttle bodies. Designed for both competition and road use, the PX500 Series is available for various carburetors as well as many throttle body and other custom applications. The filter is supported internally by an expanded metal cage, the base plate is available separately and made of aluminum.

Base Plates are sold separately

The PX 500 Dome filters all measure (A) 370mm (14.56") long and (B)170mm (6.69") wide

The C502D measures (C) 65mm (2.44") external and 40mm (1.57") internal height

The C503D measures (C) 90mm (3.54") external and 65mm (2.56") internal height

The C504D measures (C) 125mm (4.92") external and 100mm (3.94") internal height

NOTE - Always fit the largest filter possible and ensure that there is a minimum of 19mm between the trumpet mouth and the inner face of the filter.
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